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Kaneki eat some meat... (snickers lol xD) by XxFade-Away-My-18xX
Mature content
Kaneki eat some meat... (snickers lol xD) :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 1 1
Requests! *CLOSED*
Ok so I've been pretty busy lately and haven't posted anything in a while. I really want to get back into writing more fanfic (reader inserts only) stories. Since this is the first time I'm doing this, I want to take it slow. I'll allow 5 spaces though I will add more when I'm finished. 
Animes I will write:
Fairy Tail
Attack on titan
Black butler
Diabolik  lovers
Kamigami no asobi
Writing style:
Fluff: good?
Angst: ok
Romance: great
Sorry about the limited anime but that is what I'm comfortable writing with. Now when requesting please tell me,
Ex:  _____ x tsundere! Reader. Fluff, angst, etc...
In detail if you have anything specific! If you want anything after your request it becomes a commission (donate points; whatever you want. Which I'll put up later..) 
So that's all I can think of, thanks for reading this!!
Yep yep already the slots are filled! Sorry maybe I'll open it again,  sayonara for now! 
Since for some
:iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 1 15
[ib] Garry x Reader End: Memory Crannies {2/3}
After blindly running, searching for a door that wasn't locked. I found myself in a room full of books. The poorly lit room didn't do me any good as I feared of what was in the dark. Breathing heavily my lungs filled with the thick layer of dust caking the many books and shelves. glancing around I noticed one book sticking out as if someone was in a hurry to put it back. Peaking my interest I  pulled it from the shelf; Paging through the worn out book, a text caught my eye let alone the picture as well. 
Lady in red: ...though their only weakness is they can't open doors...
"Huh well, I guess that's makes sense."
Again I turned a couple pages only to find a slip of paper fall out. "What's this?" Opening it up, the neatly folded paper held two words written in red 'Having fun?'  I let note fall from my fingers as I stare in shock. Clutching my hands to my chest my (e/c) eyes wildly search the room praying no one was here with me. Heart beating a mile a minut
:iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 8 4
Mature content
It sucks to be short doesn't it? Au!Levi x Reader :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 28 14
[ib] Garry x Reader End: Memory Crannies {1/3}
Upon entering the gallery, I stopped by the front desk taking it all in. Different paintings all shapes and sizes decorated the too clean white walls each being admired very closely. Onlookers dotted along various sculptures with the thoughts of "why or what made him sculpt this?" As if trying to get into the mind the artists will make us understand his art better, I thought sarcastically.  The man at the desk pulled me from my thoughts "excuse ma'am? Would you like to have a brochure?" Gladly excepting the paper  book i made my way around the exhibit.
I've been to a few galleries before but never to one like this, the atmosphere around the art was both mysterious and eerie. Pausing to gaze at the sculpture "ah" and "oh" I stood there puzzled letting my imagination free to wonder this blue and red piece. Stepping backwards I accidentally bumped into something or maybe someone; looking over my shoulder a little girl with brown hair and piercing red eyes stared back at me. "i'm
:iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 19 9
{ib} Oc Sarah by XxFade-Away-My-18xX {ib} Oc Sarah :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 1 9 Shingeki no Vocaloid! by XxFade-Away-My-18xX Shingeki no Vocaloid! :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 1 0 My SNK OC by XxFade-Away-My-18xX My SNK OC :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 3 0 Attack on titan meme by XxFade-Away-My-18xX Attack on titan meme :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 2 3 Attack on Vocaloid by XxFade-Away-My-18xX Attack on Vocaloid :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 2 0 Diabolik Lovers oc by XxFade-Away-My-18xX Diabolik Lovers oc :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 20 2 Male!Belarus X Sarah by XxFade-Away-My-18xX Male!Belarus X Sarah :iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 2 0
Night Time~Levi Rivaille x Reader (one shot)
"you are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy
when skies are gray"

Humming the melody to my first born, I sway my hips gently rocking him to sleep in curve of my arms. His soft chubby face was pressed close against my chest with his little ear listening to my heart beat. A tiny glowing night light lite the room casting a warm tender moment between the two. Watching them from the door levi who had just came home from long hours of work, couldn't help but feel more love for the two. Leaning against the door way he crossed his arms over his wrinkle uniform. His short black hair was slightly desheveled as his eyes were fixed on one person only.
When I was certain the baby was in a deep sleep I carefully lay him back in his crib. Tucking a blanket around his small frame I caressed his little face; I sigh escaped my lips as I turned to find levi staring at me with a look of adoration. Silently creeping out, we headed to our room. Once there levi took me in his arms pressing
:iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 50 14
It was you~ Levi x Reader pt 3
I was requested by Commander Erwin to join Levi's group.
I was puzzled. Why would Erwin give such strange order? I wasn't part of Levi's team  nor was there anything I could do for them, I was useless to levi and yet....
I didn't ask questions for I was still a little shaken up from the previous incident. Shuddering at the memory I try my best to block it out. Then I remember what Erwin told me two days before the mission.
The evening sky was painted with a bright orange and a fuchsia pink that stretch across a never ending canvas. I had become tired of my being weak and had forced myself to train until my body screamed for relief. I began to first excel in using my 3d maneuver gear. Weaving threw trees, around buildings; I would even go back to the training ground where the 104th including myself used are gear in fighting the props which was made to look like a titan. Other days I would build up my stamina running threw and around obstacles I specifically created for myself.
:iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 5 7
Doubting you~ Levi x Reader (one shot) Modern Au!
Please read the description first!!
We've been together for a while but to me it seems like forever. Yes I'm that much in love with you. Do you even realize it? Probably not, I hardly ever see you except on your day offs or when you come home from work late at night. I'm not complaining about how you consume yourself in work, it's just.... when I accepted you in making this a relationship I guess I thought... oh I don't know! 
I signed cleaning around the house wasn't making me feel better. Yes some how your cleaning habits have rubbed off onto me. Chuckling I finished stacking his work papers neatly on his mahogany wooden desk. Glancing around the room I tired to find something else to do. Moving to our bed room I frowned of course it's already spotless levi somehow has managed to have this room sparkling all the time. Opening up my closet that was parallel to the bed, I removed a very special object that would always help me no matter what kind of problem I had. Sitting do
:iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 21 7
Not letting you go~ Levi x Reader (one shot)
Standing on a tiled rooftop my swords drawn, clutching on them loosely. I was in and out of this world. Staring off into nothing, dark circles painted under my eyes form the lack of sleep; grief etched on my sunken in face. My thoughts swirled with confusion mixed with sadness. As I ask myself the same question for the millionth time " why them and not me?"
You see, right now I'm supposed to be in a bloodly battle between titans vs humanity but my life and personal feelings are intervening. Breaking into a run I jump over rooftops, scanning and calculating the numbers of titans about to cross my path. Two on the left and two more on the right. using my maneuver gear I take off gliding over houses dodging building fixtures.
Pulling the trigger my gear attaches itself to a tall stoned building from the looks of it was a church tower. Shifting my weight I swing around it then propelling myself behind the two titans. With my swords drawn I put one behind my back and the other close to my f
:iconxxfade-away-my-18xx:XxFade-Away-My-18xX 49 24


Eve Dragon Knight (dark) Render by xNaari Eve Dragon Knight (dark) Render :iconxnaari:xNaari 36 1 UtaPri OC : Chii Tsukamura by Moonlite-Rabbit UtaPri OC : Chii Tsukamura :iconmoonlite-rabbit:Moonlite-Rabbit 59 22 TW: Headshot Ref by SoulEvans TW: Headshot Ref :iconsoulevans:SoulEvans 29 3 TW: Quinta by SoulEvans TW: Quinta :iconsoulevans:SoulEvans 33 10 Thank you! [MMD AND DRAWING CONTEST] by Emy-san Thank you! [MMD AND DRAWING CONTEST] :iconemy-san:Emy-san 128 72 | S o n i c S o u n d | by Emy-san | S o n i c S o u n d | :iconemy-san:Emy-san 105 26
Mature content
Spy x Reader :iconragna89:Ragna89 285 228
Mature content
Sniper x Reader :iconragna89:Ragna89 346 232
Alys by Buttea Alys :iconbuttea:Buttea 47 20 Moe ALYS by Saphirya Moe ALYS :iconsaphirya:Saphirya 349 13 Marise Yu  .:Dmmd OC:. by KuudereSenpai Marise Yu .:Dmmd OC:. :iconkuuderesenpai:KuudereSenpai 81 42 VOCALOID ALYS entry by Kp-sama VOCALOID ALYS entry :iconkp-sama:Kp-sama 119 24 ALYS entry by Akuo-art ALYS entry :iconakuo-art:Akuo-art 260 82 ALYS by Sartika3091 ALYS :iconsartika3091:Sartika3091 267 92 DP 109 || ARTBOOK Fumare - COLLAB CLOUDY//TATSU by T-a-t-s-u-k-i DP 109 || ARTBOOK Fumare - COLLAB CLOUDY//TATSU :icont-a-t-s-u-k-i:T-a-t-s-u-k-i 84 23 Psycho-Pass - Character Profile Template (GIMP) by CriAzuDre Psycho-Pass - Character Profile Template (GIMP) :iconcriazudre:CriAzuDre 29 19





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I'm a writer in the making! Hopefully to be a professional writer. I love making up stories. Music inspires my writing. Types of stories I write are action, adventure and romance; oh even fanfictions.Favroite things to do is: Sing, listen music and witing weird but awesome stories Oh, even daydream. :iconyuumagumiglompplz:

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What Kind of Dere Are You?
What Kind of Dere Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Oh you can find me screwing around here on this website!
  • Listening to: It\'s now or never ~ nano
  • Watching: Durarara
  • Eating: chips ^^
I got this

Eren Jaeger: 

[x] You can be stubborn at times.
 [ ]You have a strong desire for something.
[-] You're impatient. 
[ ] You've had many near-death experiences.
[x] You care greatly for the people close to you.

Total: 2.5

Mikasa Ackerman: 

[X] You're very protective of somebody. 
[X] You can keep calm in most situations.
[X ] You are strong-willed.
[ ] You have blue eyes.
[ ] You are sensible. 

Total: 3

Armin Arlert:

[ ] You're timid.
[ ] You're physically frail.
[-] You're intelligent.
[-] You think you're useless. 
[x] You want to see the world 

Total: 2.5

Sasha Braus: 

[x] You love potatoes. (Lol)
[ ] You're simple minded
[x] You're friendly.
[ ] You're from the south.
[ ] You're eccentric.

Total: 2

Krista Lenz (Historia Reiss): 

[x] You're shy.
[x] You're kind.
[ ] You cry easily.
[-] You like to help others
[ ] You don't know how to react in certain situations.

Total: 2.5

Annie Leonhardt: 

[x ] You isolate yourself from others
[ ] You have a difficult time making friends.
[ ] You put minimal effort into activities. 
[X ] You have a strange fascination with something.
[ ] You're apathetic.

Total: 2

Reiner Braun:

 [x] You take things very seriously.
[x] You think of others before yourself.
[X] You have a negative attitude toward yourself. 
[ ] You're very passionate.
[-] You're kind-hearted. 

Total: 3.5

Jean Kirschtein: 
[ ] You speak your mind.
[-] You're honest.
[x] You make a good leader.
[x] You have brown hair
[X] You're very competitive with somebody.

Total: 3.5

Marco Bolt:
[-]You're kind. 
[ ]You're somewhat tall.
[ ] You have freckles.
[ ]You're normally the one to resolve arguments.
[ ] You're afraid of dying alone.

Total: .5


[ ] You're almost always cleaning.
[X] You tend to be unapproachable.
 [x] You respect order and structure. 
[ ] You despise most authority figures.
[ ] Sometimes, you can be quite sadistic.

Total: 2

Hanji Zoe: 

[x] You love learning new things. 
[ ] You're hyperactive. 
[ ] You're deeply interested in something.[x] You're over-emotional about something.
[ ] You frighten people. 

Total: 2

Ahh Jean and Reiner?!? Ah well! :D that was fun!


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